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What is USB OTG? Here’s how to use USB drives and more on your Galaxy S9

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On The Gang (OTG) I DenofTruth #25

Tether Tools. Tripp Lite. Unique Bargains. Wireless Solutions. YCS Basics. Compatible Devices Cell Phones. Tablet Computers. Category Computer Cables. Mobile Communication Replacement Parts. Cord Length 0. Condition New. Search Product Result. Product Image.As it turns out, quite a lot. Here is a handful of the coolest features that an OTG adapter makes possible. Sure, you can grab yourself a Bluetooth controller, but if you have a wired controller sitting around, then your OTG connector could save you a little bit of cash.

Just plug that controller into your OTG adapter and into your phone, and you can play some of the best mobile games using a controller.

Just attach your connector to the USB-C plug at the bottom-right of the headset, and plug your controller in. So make sure you keep an eye on your battery level during your gaming sessions. Running out of memory is never fun. Now you can start transferring files. Once connected, tap the Android System notification and make sure Charge connected device is selected. However, be aware that some larger devices like tablets will not be able to charge with the low power charge coming from your device.

By using a hub you can connect multiple USB devices at the same time, and give yourself a handier and faster way of typing. What is the point in having a bulky setup of microphones and laptops when all you really need is your phone, your trusty OTG connector, and a USB microphone?

Instead of compromising or spending large amounts of money on a voice recorder, try using your phone with an external microphone. Then, pull down your notification shade, and hit the Android System notification. You can see your subject in real time, adjust the focus of your shot, view and change settings like the ISO, white balance, aperture, and even view your gallery of taken shots.

There is a free version of the app that functions as just a remote release, so you can test compatibility with your camera. The best headphones for 1 day ago. Android vs. How to choose an external hard drive 3 days ago. How to take a screenshot on a Samsung Galaxy S20 and other Android phones 3 days ago. Every car compatible with Apple CarPlay 3 days ago. These are the best Google Pixel deals for October 3 days ago. The best cheap Samsung Galaxy Tab deals for October 3 days ago.

How to watch the Apple iPhone 12 event on October 13 3 days ago. Why Bluetooth is named after this famous king 3 days ago. The best tablets for kids in 3 days ago. You can now ask Google Assistant to tie your shoes with expanded app actions 3 days ago. Download audiobooks for free at these websites 3 days ago.Copyright AcronymFinder.


Suggest new definition. References in periodicals archive? Downloadable for free from the Google NASDAQ: GOOG Play Store, OtG is offered exclusively to government entities for capturing credit and debit card payments with any Android smart phone or tablet in the field, at conferences and events, or whenever funds need to be collected outside the office. Access Idaho launches OntheGo mobile payment app.

These new OTG restaurants bring new flavours and diverse cultures to the airport. Toronto Pearson announces the openings of four new restaurants. Religion is Darwinism. This study determined the median drying time for oxybutynin chloride topical gel OTG approved for treatment of overactive bladder was 3.

Application drying time for oxybutynin chloride topical gel. Last week a judgement by the Employment Appeals Tribunal in the case of OTG v Barke provided much needed clarity on Lthe position of employees of companies in administration. OTG Management, which handled the redesign, included restaurant options like World Bean, which offers seasonal blends of coffee from micro-roasters that feature fair trade beans and Wibar, which offers wines by the glass.

Not your typical airport lounge. Total to invest USD70m to finance drilling works of Petrolinvest. Acronyms browser? Full browser?A mobile phone may read from removable media as the host device, but present itself as a USB Mass Storage Device when connected to a host computer. The device controlling the link is called the master or host, while the other is called the slave or peripheral.

The initial role of each device is defined by which mini plug a user inserts into its receptacle. If implementing standard USB, devices must assume one role or the other, with computers generally set up as hosts, while for example printers normally function as slaves. In the absence of USB OTG, cell phones often implemented slave functionality to allow easy transfer of data to and from computers. Such phones, as slaves, could not readily be connected to printers as they also implemented the slave role.

When a device is plugged into the USB bus, the master device, or host, sets up communications with the device and handles service provisioning the host's software enables or does the needed data-handling such as file managing or other desired kind of data communication or function.

That allows the devices to be greatly simplified compared to the host; for example, a mouse contains very little logic and relies on the host to do almost all of the work.

The host controls all data transfers over the bus, with the devices capable only of signalling when polled that they require attention. To transfer data between two devices, for example from a phone to a printer, the host first reads the data from one device, then writes it to the other. While the master-slave arrangement works for some devices, many devices can act either as master or as slave depending on what else shares the bus.

For instance, a computer printer is normally a slave device, but when a USB flash drive containing images is plugged into the printer's USB port with no computer present or at least turned offit would be useful for the printer to take on the role of host, allowing it to communicate with the flash drive directly and to print images from it.

USB OTG recognizes that a device can perform both master and slave roles, and so subtly changes the terminology. With OTG, a device can be either a host when acting as a link master, or a "peripheral" when acting as a link slave.

The choice between host and peripheral roles is handled entirely by which end of the cable the device is connected to. The device connected to the "A" end of the cable at start-up, known as the "A-device", acts as the default host, while the "B" end acts as the default peripheral, known as the "B-device". After initial startup, setup for the bus operates as it does with the normal USB standard, with the A-device setting up the B-device and managing all communications.

However, when the same A-device is plugged into another USB system or a dedicated host becomes available, it can become a slave. Role swapping does not work through a standard hub, as one device will act as a host and the other as a peripheral until they are disconnected. Also, most gadgets must be either a host or a device. OTG hardware design merges all of the controllers into one dual-role controller that is somewhat more complex than an individual device controller.


A manufacturer's targeted peripheral list TPL serves the aim of focusing a host device towards particular products or applications, rather than toward its functioning as a general-purpose host, as is the case for typical PCs. The TPL specifies products supported by the "targeting" host, defining what it needs to support, including the output power, transfer speeds, supported protocols, and device classes. It applies to all targeted hosts, including both OTG devices acting as a host and embedded hosts.

It can accept either a mini-A plug or a mini-B plug, while mini-A adapters allows connection to standard-A USB cables coming from peripherals. The standard OTG cable has a mini-A plug on one end and a mini-B plug on the other end it can not have two plugs of the same type. The device with a mini-A plug inserted becomes an OTG A-device, and the device with a mini-B plug inserted becomes a B-device see above.

The type of plug inserted is detected by the state of the ID pin the mini-A plug's ID pin is grounded, while the mini-B plug's is floating. Pure mini-A receptacles also exist, used where a compact host port is needed, but OTG is not supported. With the introduction of the USB micro plug, a new plug receptacle called micro-AB was also introduced.

It can accept either a micro-A plug or a micro-B plug. Micro-A adapters allow for connection to standard-A plugs, as used on fixed or standard devices.USB drives are convenient, but you can't use one with your phone. The device basically becomes a USB host, which isn't an ability every gadget has. You can do a lot with this, For example, you might connect a USB flash drive to your phone, or use a video game controller with an Android device.

Sick of touch controls for gaming? Find out how to connect a PS4, Xbox, or other controler to an Android phone or tablet. But since that's its most popular use, we'll focus on using it with Android. The easiest way to check if your phone or tablet supports USB OTG is to look at the box it came in, or the manufacturer's website.

USB OTG Adapters

There are plenty of such free apps on the Google Play Store, but some are loaded with ads. Easy OTG Checker is a reliable app for this. It doesn't cost much more than a regular USB drive either, so it's a pretty sound purchase. Here are some of the most popular uses. Unsurprisingly, external storage is at the top of this list.

Just plug a drive in and you'll be ready to go. You can then transfer all kinds of files. Flash drives are the easiest to connect; external hard drives may or may not work. Portable hard drives that draw power from the phone won't always work, but external drives with their own power source should work just fine.

For more, we have a full guide on how to get extra storage on Android from flash drives. Android Pie and newer natively support the Xbox One controller. It's as simple as plug-and-play to start gaming with a controller. Of course, you need to play games that compatible with a controller.

If you have rooted your Android deviceyou can also connect PlayStation controllers. With this, you could connect a PS2 controller and turn your Android device into a retro gaming hub! Android's open nature makes it easy to connect just about anything. If you want to use your tablet as a laptopa keyboard and mouse is integral to the experience. You'll be happy to know that Android works well with most wireless and wired keyboards and mice.By default, only the 20 most recent datasets will be returned.

You can get your list of datasets directly in your browser using your own username and API key with the following links. You can also paginate, filter, and order your datasets.

Imagine, for example, that you collect data in a hourly basis and want to create a dataset aggregrating data collected over the whole day. So you only need to send the new generated data each hour to BigML, create a source and a dataset for each one and then merge all the individual datasets into one at the end of the day.

We usually call datasets created in this way multi-datasets. You can merge multi-datasets too so basically you can grow a dataset as much as you want. The example below will construct a new dataset that is the concatenation of three other datasets. However, there can be cases where each dataset might come from a different source and therefore have different field ids.

The first one would define the final dataset fields. Those will be the default resulting fields, together with their datatypes and so on. Then we need to specify, for each of the remaining datasets in the list, a mapping from the "standard" fields to those in the corresponding dataset. In our example, we're saying that the fields of the second dataset to be used during the concatenation are "000023", "000024" and "00003a", which correspond to the final fields having them as keys.

In the case of the third dataset, the fields used will be "000023", "000004" and "00000f". The optypes of the paired fields should match, and for the case of categorical fields, be a proper subset.

If a final field has optype text, however, all values are converted to strings. The next request will create a multi-dataset sampling the two input datasets differently. Each entry maps fields in the first dataset to fieds in the dataset referenced by the key. Setting this parameter to true for a dataset will return a dataset containing sequence of the out-of-bag instances instead of the sampled instances.

See the Section on Sampling for more details. Each value is a number between 0 and 1 specifying the sample rate for the dataset.These companies include Exxon-Mobil, BP, Chevron and Royal Dutch Shell.

It was cheaper for them to buy out the less efficient, shale oil companies. That's because less-efficient shale producers either cut back or were bought.

That reduced supply by around 10 percent, creating a boom and bust in U. The second reason for recent volatility is foreign exchange traders. They drove up the value of the dollar by 25 percent in 2014 and 2015. All oil transactions are paid in dollars. The strong dollar helped cause some of the 70 percent declines in the price of petroleum for exporting countries. Most oil-exporting countries peg their currencies to the dollar. Therefore, a 25 percent rise in the dollar offsets a 25 percent drop in oil prices.

Global uncertainty is one factor that makes the U. Since December 2016, the dollar's value has been falling according to the DXY interactive chart. On December 11, 2016, the USDX was 102. In early 2017, hedge funds began shorting the dollar as Europe's economy improved.

As the euro rose, the dollar fell. By September 15, 2017, it had fallen to 91. Third, OPEC didn't reduce output to put a floor under prices until November 30, 2016. Its members agreed to cut production by 1.

That lowered production to 32.


But the so-called cut was higher than its 2015 average of 32. Prices began rising right after the OPEC announcement. On May 25, 2017, OPEC extended these cuts through March 2018. The EIA forecasts OPEC will produce 32. But both figures are still higher than the 2015 average before the "cuts.


In 2014, it abandoned this policy. Saudi Arabia, OPEC's biggest contributor, lowered its price to its largest customers in October 2014. It did not want to lose market share to U. These two countries' rivalry stems from the conflict between the Sunni and Shiite branches of Islam.

Iran promised to double its oil exports to 2. The nuclear peace treaty allowed Saudi Arabia's biggest rival to sell oil in 2016. Saudi Arabia correctly bet that lower prices would force many U. At first, shale producers found ways to keep the oil pumping. Thanks to increased U. But the strong dollar meant OPEC countries could remain profitable at lower oil prices. At the same time, global demand grew slowly, from 92.

Most of the increase was from China, which now consumes 12 percent of global oil production. But its economic reforms are slowing growth.

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