Dc motor singapore

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dc motor singapore

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DC-Motor Series

Hungary maxon motor hungary kft Produktion Ungarn Tartu u.The tasks of analytical devices and machines used in laboratories are becoming increasingly sophisticated. Precision and speed are important requirements despite the compact dimensions.

After taking over industry, robots are now conquering the medical sciences. The advantages are obvious: absence of fatigue, maximum precision and speed, optimum ergonomics.

dc motor singapore

Experts see their use as the next evolution in the treatment of patients. Already today, robot systems are used in a number of surgical applications, such as in orthopaedics, in neurology or in cardiothoracic and ENT surgery. Countless samples are tested daily in analytical laboratories. The benefits of automation in this area is obvious: They make it possible to achieve faster results, higher throughput, fewer errors and lower personnel costs. In order to ensure smooth operation, high dynamics and precision are extremely important for the drive systems.

Tie shoelaces, fold bed linen, tear open a bag of crisps — the list of things that are difficult to do with one hand goes on and on. People with a congenital amputation or who have lost a hand due to an accident are confronted with such obstacles every day. To make daily life easier, the British company Steeper developed the Bebionic myoelectric hand prosthesis. Various actuators and sensors are integrated in automated manufacturing applications.

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The linking together of these components and the commissioning of the systems must take place simply and quickly. The central technical element of our modern world is the microchip. From the coffee machine to communication satellites, there is practically nothing that would function without it. Thus, the manufacture of microelectronic components is a key technology par excellence.

With an eye to the constantly growing sector of online retail, logistics and material flow are coveted playing fields for technical progress — with the goal of increasing effi ciency through automation and digitalisation. A small gripping system that is both quick and powerful — up to now, that was often only possible with pneumatics.

Because with compressed air, large amounts of pressure can be conveyed virtually without any time lag. A compressed air supply requires a complex infrastructure, however, and having to provide it for every production step is diffi cult and expensive.

Accuracy and resolution in the micrometer range as well as exactly reproducible test procedures are required in modern measurement and testing technology. The miniaturization trend extends across all industries; however, the ever-decreasing product sizes are a challenge to the automation technology, e. Imagine a bar that extends from Zurich to Tokyo, more than 10, kilometres.

Now someone in Tokyo slides a piece of paper beneath it. The seismometer at the Zurich end then reacts and precisely indicates the minimal change to the inclination angle. Product life cycles are becoming shorter in all areas of industry. New products appear on the market faster and faster.

This trend is particularly evident in the automotive sector. While not so long ago it still took seven to eight years before a vehicle was ready for production, today it is just two-and-a-half to three years. From smooth and creamy to light and fluffy to thick and sticky — with foods, our mouthfeel provides reliable information about consistency. Spit out or swallow? We make this decision in just a fraction of a second. In industry, one would gladly have decisions that could be made as quickly and easily.

In many sectors, viscosity tests are necessary during production in order to define and maintain optimum process parameters. Every handyman intuitively knows how to tighten a screw: according to feel. In the hobby room, this is generally sufficient for achieving the correct amount of tightening torque. In industrial production, on the other hand, the demand for secure screw fixing is much greater because the intention is to ensure that the end product remains functional until the end of its service life.Standard AC motors are used generally as power sources for automated devices because these motors can be operated easily through connection to an AC power supply.

Oriental Motor offers standard AC motors incorporating various operating functions. A standard AC motor can be combined with a brake pack or speed control circuit product and also combined with mechanical component such as a gearhead or linear head.

For this reason, various applications can be supported. Review Cart. Member Login. Forgot Password? Induction Motors. Above W corresponds to high efficiency IE3 ultra high energy efficiency. World K Series models that conform to power supply voltages in Asia are certified under the CCC System and have built-in overheat protection devices. These models provide high cost performance with the same functions as World K Series models that conform to global power supply voltages.

The product lineup includes models with output power from 6 W to 90 W.

dc motor singapore

No capacitor is needed for a three-phase motor. Reversible Motors. A built-in friction brake at the back of the motor makes reversible motors an ideal choice for applications where the rotation direction changes. Combination with a linear head allows the motor to convert rotation to linear motion with great ease. Electromagnetic Brake Motors. The next generation motors that provides high reliability with high strength gearhead,high performance motor with high energy efficiency, user-friendly design and high performance at a affordable price.

When the power source is turned off, the motor stops instantaneously and holds the load. Low-Speed Synchronous Motors.

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Low-speed synchronous motors are continuous rated synchronous motors in which quick bi-directional rotation is possible. The basic construction of low-speed synchronous motors is the same as that of stepping motors. Since they can be easily driven by an AC power supply, they are sometimes called AC stepping motors. Torque Motors. These torque motors conform to safety standards. By providing an external voltage adjustment device, the speed and torque of the motor can be adjusted.KDK Singapore is cool - literally cooling because of its well know quality cooling fans.

KDK brings us premium and quality Japanese cooling fans, industrial fans, ventilation fans, air curtains, and many more. You can check out their fantastic products below and read more about KDK Singapore below. With summer just around the corner, cooling down is an utmost priority. Among the best ways to stay fresh during hot days is proper ventilation and with that comes KDK Singapore. Originating in Japan, KDK offers a wide range of electric fans and small home appliances that would help circulate fresh air in your home or in your office.

From ceiling fanswall fans, stand fans, and air dehumidifiers, you can find only the best from KDK Singapore. KDK is a Japanese brand that is owned and used by the international corporation of Panasonic to market all kinds of fans. From the very beginning, KDK has always been primarily manufacturing all kinds of electric fans, such as ceiling fans, ventilation fans, cooking range hoods, air curtains, dehumidifiers, and hand dryers.

Many homes and premises all over the world have no doubt felt the cooling air from KDK fans. The best thing about KDK is that it answers all your cooling and ventilation problems with its great range of products to choose from. KDK ensures high-quality, and cutting-edge fans to ensure a fresh and cool environment for you and your family. From table fans to ceiling fans, you can trust only KDK. Like its moniker, table fans are great for small spaces because of its compact design.

It is also easy to move and transport, perfect for travelling. If you are looking for a table fan, KDK has the KB inch oscillating table fan that would definitely suit your lifestyle. If you are looking for a fan that would fit large rooms then a KDK stand fanlike the KDK KX inch stand fan, would certainly provide fresh and cool air to your home. For areas where cracking a window or the lack of it is not an option, then a window fan is just for you. What makes window fans great is that it keeps hot air out and cool air in.

In addition, it takes less space compared to stand or table fans. If you want inexpensive yet high-tech cooling systems, then a tower fan is the type of fan you are looking for. Tower fans can save more space and are less likely to tip than traditional stand or table fans. What makes tower fans extra special is that it gives extra cooling power with integrated systems including ice and water compartments to give that mini air-conditioning feel which you can control.

On top of that, tower fans are quiet and subtle, making it a great cooling system. With its subtle design, you can fit it with any of your home decors and save up on cooling and air conditioning. On top of that, you can also save up on space since it is attached on your ceiling without having to worry about falling or damage.

KDK Singapore has different models of ceiling fans, general fans, ventilation fans, air curtains, and air moving equipment.

With over authorised dealerships in Singapore, everyone can experience the premium and high-quality products that are of KDK Singapore's production. KDK cooling fans are not only high quality and premium in build, but they are also immensely affordable. The wide variety of products give everyone a choice of their fans, such as their cooling fans which come in many forms: Table fans, wall mounted fans, auto fans, and stand fans. KDK also produces industrial fans for factory cooling and ventilation as well as air curtains to keep insides of factories dust free.

KDK is the right choice for those looking for effective and high-quality fan and cooling solutions. See More. KDK Appliances. Show results. Sort by: Popularity Price.

We found the best deal for you.We provide total solution to many applications in different industries. Feel free to get in touch with us. We are more than happy to hear from you. Typically, a planet carrier is driven by the input gear which rotates the planet gears around a fixed ring gear a. This in turn drives the output shaft which then provides the output torque. However, there are other configurations such as a fixed sun gear which then the ring gear providing the output torque.

The main advantages of planetary gearbox are their high power density, high efficiency and compact size. The controller also provides pulses of current to the motor windings that controls the speed and torque of the motor. With the feedback of position sensor, the speed and the torque of the motor can be controlled precisely. Built for precision, efficiency and reliability, these motors offer the power density needed to deliver top performance in the most compact applications.

Available in slotless designs, they provide exceptional acceleration, speed, torque and position control over a long, trouble-free life. For one, they are more accurate in positioning apps, relying on Hall effect position sensors for commutation. A brushed DC motor is an internally commutated electric motor designed to be run from a direct current power source.

Brushed DC motors can be varied in speed by changing the operating voltage or the strength of the magnetic field. Featuring a permanent magnet, coreless design, our DC brushed motors deliver high efficiency and power density in a small, lightweight package.

Built of high-quality materials for optimal performance, these motors offer a low moment of inertia, low friction and a long commutator life. Ideal for Small, Portable and Handheld Devices. A rotary encoder, also called a shaft encoder, is an electro-mechanical device that converts the angular position or motion of a shaft or axle to an analog or digital signal. There are two main types: absolute and incremental relative. The output of absolute encoders indicates the current position of the shaft, making them angle transducers.

The output of incremental encoders provides information about the motion of the shaft, which is typically further processed elsewhere into information such as speed, distance and position.

Rotary encoders are used in many applications that require precise shaft unlimited rotation—including industrial controls, robotics, special purpose photographic lenses,[1] computer input devices such as optomechanical mice and trackballscontrolled stress rheometers, and rotating radar platforms.

ASSUN Motor is an innovative motor and motion technology and custom engineering services company that manufactures miniature motors and precision motion control technologies for performance-critical applications that save, improve and enhance lives. We continually develop state of the art miniature motor technologies to serve a spectrum of motion control applications to ensure a perfect fit for your individual applications.

Automated page speed optimizations for fast site performance. Aerospace Industry. Automotive Industry. Electric motors by Assun are efficient, compact and robust.

The low costs of the flat brushless DC motors makes them well suited for applications in the automotive industry. Precision Instruments.

This configuration gives the motor ability to define the angular position of the rotor.ABB's website uses cookies. All News. Identifying key factors in reliable bulk material conveying systems External link There are several aspects in conveyor drive component designs that must be considered, including power matched components, harsh duty features sets, maintenance requirements and specific site conditions.

Our revenues and operating margin both improved slightly. We are committed to providing attractive returns to shareholders, further enhanced by the commencement of share buybacks using the net cash proceeds from the Power Grids transaction later this year.

Importance of Proper Bolt Torque in Power Transmission External link Threaded fasteners are one of the most common components in machine design. Such fasteners come in a great variety of shapes, sizes, and materials that serve a wide variety of applications across virtually every industry in the world.

In all cases, the performance of bolted joints depends heavily on the torque applied during installation. Below, the basic design and function of bolted joints is explained, best practices for tightening threaded fasteners are provided, and the importance of designing around and applying the proper torque spec to any bolt or screw is emphasized. A key factor in avoiding recalls is to maintain rigorous hygiene standards. That makes it critical for equipment in food plants to be washed frequently to keep it clean and avoid contamination.

However, initial efforts in the metal to metal direct drive options did not last long on equipment that runs 24 hours a day. Company News. We are instilling a new culture of empowerment to build ABB into a stronger and more agile group. Industry News. Select the Right Couplings for Wastewater Treatment External link A municipality will use various applications throughout the wastewater treatment process—from headworks, to primary and secondary treatment, to sludge processing and general pumping.

In order to operate, each process requires a power source. How users choose to connect those applications can vary based on preference and operating conditions. Selecting the right coupling type for an application can increase equipment performance and reliability, reduce maintenance costs and minimize downtime.

A recent search of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers IEEE Xplore database revealed more than 4, papers written and archived discussing this subject. Of these, roughly half were authored in the last 10 years, indicating that the understanding of these currents continues to grow through experimentation and analysis.Today, Namiki motor supports various applications around the world, such as robotics, RC servos, drones, medical devices, optical equipment and industrial equipment.

Coreless moving coil is light weight, superior in quick starting and stopping high speed response. Because the rotor is free of other objects no brushit is designed for high power, and noise-less by principle. It is suitable for long-life use. By applying 4-pole magnet, effective magnet density area is enlarged, and the torque constant is greatly enhanced.

RC servo motor pursued "high speed response" and "high output" with evolution of batteries. No Electricity Locking System. DC Coreless motors, as the name suggests, have no iron core in the rotor. Instead, a copper wire winding in a basket configuration coil rotates around the outside of a cylindrical magnet. Three major features of coreless motors are as follows: - Lighter, basket shaped rotor makes the moment of inertia smaller, allowing for rapid acceleration and deceleration.

A unique feature of Namiki's coreless DC motor exists in its coil windings. To gain better coil space factor, an auto-winding machine was developed in-house to achieve high winding density and accurate alignment. The auto-winding technology allowed us to raise the motor torque constant and also lower the current consumption concurrently.

Nicely balanced coreless coil winding with no cogging feature allows for smooth rotation, low moment of inertia, and miniaturization of the motor body. Such super thin wire winding technology know-how makes it possible to create a brushless motor that is less than 1mm in diameter.

dc motor singapore

Namiki's brushed and brushless motors are both coreless types. Compared to cored motors, the advantage of coreless is that there is no cogging, which allows for quick response to micro adjustments in voltage and current, high torque constant, and a quieter motor. Another strong point is in the low electric noise, which is the most important requirement for use in camera lens drivers.

The gold alloy that Namiki employs for polarity switching contacts lowers electrical noise to the utmost limits, and is a "must-have" technology in professional video cameras.

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In the field of radio control servos, typically brushless motors are not used because the magnet rotor has a slower response time. To solve this issue, Namiki designed a brushless RC servo using an inner rotor type motor. However, simply changing from an outer rotor type to an inner one does not make it faster by itself. In addition, the rotor diameter was decreased to control the moment of inertia, the stator side coil thickened to increase current, the number of windings increased, and the air gap between the stator and rotor made as small as possible.

These adjustments all served to increase the torque.

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